A one-of-a-kind fusion project by Roberto Fonseca and New Bulgarian Voices

Roberto Fonseca (with Yandi Martinez, bass and Ruly Herrera, drums) and the Latino Grammy-winning New Bulgarian Voices choir, conducted by Georgi Petkov were challenged to explore Bulgarian folklore through the prism of Cuban sensitivity weaving it into something truly magical.

The Buena Vista Social club collaborator, the Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca could easily follow the various paths suggested by the rich musical heritage of Cuba and Bulgaria and transform it in new contemporary jazz. Here he collaborates with the Bulgarian composer Georgi Petkov, who provides the vocal arrangements for this new program. "These arrangements make me believe in the existence of God," said Roberto Fonseca, seeing the first score sent to him by Maestro Petkov.

Roberto Fonseca’s personal interest in Bulgarian traditional music dates back to his youth, when he felt fascinated by the Bulgarian choir music. In 2008, when he preformed with his quintet in Sofia while spending some days in the city, he was inspired to compose “Bulgarian” (Akokan, 2009), a piece in the typical Bulgarian irregular rhythm of seven eigths. This piece became part of his concert program over the years and he often talked about the irregular rhythms and the complex harmonies of Bulgarian folklore as a source of inspiration in his music. His dream was to collaborate in a project with the world famous Bulgarian Voices. The pandemic of 2020 catalysed the fulfilment of his dream. Overcoming all sort of obstacles and difficulties, the Cuban spirit finally met the Bulgarian singing soul. The repertoire of the show consists of original compositions and arrangements of traditional melodies.

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