ESTRUNA – Arcángel with New Bulgarian Voices

cond. Georgi Petkov, Antonio Forcione, Dani de Moron, José Manuel Posada ‘Popo’ & Agustín Diassera
special guest: Patricia Guerrero

Arcángel, one of Flamenco’s leading voices, is looking towards what he calls “the perfect harmony of Bulgarian choir singing” – and he finds it with the help of the incredibly young singers of the New Bulgarian Voices, conducted by Georgi Petkov. The acoustic guitarist Antonio Forcione adds World-Jazz arrangements to form an inspiring stream of music and poetry.

The repertoire spans from well known Flamenco pieces and Bulgarian traditional songs, to originals from the performers. The band – featuring also dancer Patricia Guerrero as a special guest, Dani de Morón (Flamenco guitar), José Manuel Posada ‘Popo’ (bass) and Agustín Diassera (percussion) – brings together traditional melodies from both ends of Mediterranean in an unique fusion, delivering perfect delight.