In 2005 the great flamenco dancer Joaquin Grilo creates a band bringing together these four musicians for the first time. From the instantaneous chemistry between them is born a unique musical project: UHF Ultra High Flamenco. Their premiere takes place at Flamenco Festival Helsinki 2007 that year they recorded their first album, „UHF”. Since then they have played in many festivals such as El jazz viene del sur in Sevilla, Festival Encuentros in Cuenca , Bienal de Sevilla, Festival de Jerez, Bienal in Holland, WOMEX in Sevilla,Galileo Galilei in Madrid (album presentation), Sôdra Teatern in Estockholm, Festival Flamenco in Berlin, Festival Ciutat Bella in Barcelona, Festival Nuits Flamencas de Chateauvallon (France), 365 Jazz Bilbao, Jazz Plus Sofía (Bulgaria), Stans Musikstage (Switzerland), International Guitar Festival in Wroclaw (Poland)…

Ultra High Flamenco will play their fusion of Jazz and Flamenco in Sofia Live Club on June 6 1

The repertoire is composed by the four musicians, flamenco and improvisation being it’s basic elements. Currently they are working on their second album in which they are developing theirvery own vision of flamenco music. Early 2010 they edited 2nd edition of the album „UHF“ with a new image and some variations in content. Is nominated as BEST FLAMENCO ALBUM by UFI ( Independent Phonographic Union) in Spain in 2010.