Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia Present: ˝Reflections of Béla Bartók’s Six Romanian Dance˝ CD Release Concert.

DEZSŐ OLÁH is the Junior Prima award-winning young pianist-composer, already a well respected member of the jazz fraternity. He’s won several prizes for composition and he leads his own crossover outfit, the Trio a la Kodály. With this trio however, he plays brilliant straight-ahead jazz. PÉTER OLÁH plays bass for innumerable bands due to his stability and his excellent solo-work. He has been immensely successful in Japan with the Trio Acoustic where his brother is the pianist. The drummer ANDRÁS PECEK LAKATOS, one of the great and, fortunately, fulfilled promises at the beginning of the century, has since turned out to be a great success in London both with Szakcsi’s New Gipsy Jazz outfit and his own Pecek Lakatos Trio.