Musicians And Travellers: SENZA in Sofia!

May 19, 2019, Sofia Live Club, 19:30 h.


The SENZA is a Portuguese band – founded by the singer Catarina Duarte and the guitarist Nuno Caldeira – that in about 2 years has traveled on 5 continents, and has performed more than 80 concerts around the world. Musicians and travelers, compose songs inspired by their travels around the world.
They now present their second album, „Before the Monsoon,“ based on their recent trip to India, which promises to inspire audiences with new stories portrayed in their songs. Participating in this disc, the indispensable musicians: Júlio Pereira, Rão Kyao and João Frade.

The tour of the tour „Independence Beach“ (Disco Antena 1), had great success and led the group across the globe, acting on numerous stages. In a short time, they conquered stages in Goa, New York, Bombay, Beijing, Dili, Johannesburg, Harare, Windhoek, Pretoria, Washington DC, New Delhi, Salvador da Bahia, São Paulo and also in the Old Continent (Spain, France, Germany , UK, culminating in Lisbon).

It was during a three-month trip to Southeast Asia that the authors created the group, and in this way permanently linked it to remote stops. They quickly passed the creative edge that led them to write the first songs on the southern shores of Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, to concerts all over the world.
The secret, they say, lies in the intensity with which the traveling experiences and their dedication and passion for music live. Musicians and travelers, bring their passions, the places, the people and the experiences lived by the world in their discs.

The concert of SENZA in Sofia is co-organized by Jazz Plus, Instituto Camões and the Embassy of Portugal