Fado Violado is a musical concept project that crosses flamenco and fado. The project was created by Ana Pinhal and Francisco Almeida.

  Ana Pinhal is a renown fadista from Porto and Francisco Almeida is the composer and player of Spanish guitar. Ana Pinhal first started working in BoiteZuleika choirs in 2002. Wishing to learn more, she starts attending musical and singing lessons, forming the first contact with Flamenco Cante, that would lead her to study in Seville for 3 years, in Fundación Cristina Heeren. Surprisingly, it’s in seville that fado conquers her heart. Her stage partner is the talented Francisco Almeida, that began his musical adventure as a teenager. By the age of 20 music really starts to draw up as a professional option.

At that time, Francisco gets into jazz guitar lessons and makes a professional development course for musicians. At the age of 27 Francisco heads back to Seville where he lived for 3 years studying flamenco guitar at the same institution where Ana Pinhal was. Together, they created fado violado, a project that has performed live in Portugal, Spain, France and the Netherlands. Their first album was released in 2015 and is called “A Jangada de Pedra” after Jose Saramago’s book. They will perform at Sofia Live Club on June, 20 th at 20:30.