Cuca Roseta – the star of the new wave in the traditional Portuguese Fado muisic comes to Sofia for a concert in Bulgaria Concert Hall on Nov 30, 2019, 19:30 h

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Cuca Roseta is one of the most acclaimed fadistas of today. She began singing fado at the age of 18 in a Fados house and was soon to be highlighted and recognized for her voice and all her talent. The big step was taken early on, when Gustavo Santaolalla (award-winning international producer, grammy and Oscar winner for the soundtracks of Brokeback Mountain and Babel) heard her in Lisbon. Gustavo saw in Cuca Roseta so many artistic talents that immediately invited her to record her debut album. The album of the same name was a huge success and quickly positioned Cuca Roseta in the front line of Fado.

If everything she did on her first album was brilliant, Cuca Roseta comes back to surprise with her second album, named „Raiz“, expanding her universe and becoming a songwriter and lyricist for most of the songs. Cuca Roseta’s path was affirmed from the first hour to a process of individual discovery, always willing to seek each new album, each new opportunity to show itself to an audience that soon surrendered to it.

From Brazil, next came the framing of her third album. Riû, produced by Nelson Motta – composer and journalist who was largely responsible for launching Marisa Monte’s career and was a close collaborator of Elis Regina – once again meant someone who, from outside, was madly in love with Cuca’s voice.

Motta, who had not agreed to produce any other record over the previous decade, was seduced by Cuca Roseta’s particular fado and set out to give her the world. For Cuca, Riû was a special moment for dating Brazil, bringing together authors and guests as different as Ivan Lins, Jorge Drexler, Bryan Adams, Djavan, Sara Tavares or Jorge Palma. But it did not erase her recent past and the singer also signed several lyrics and two compositions.

And in 2018 was released her latest album, Luz („Light“). The title does not fool and neither the cover. The „light“ that Cuca talks about in her album can easily be read as an allusion to the lamp that illuminates her path, to an internal light that gives her enough comfort and security to make this album a new moment of revelation for Cuca Roseta, the one who goes further in defining her fado.

In the illuminating and beautiful image chosen for the cover we see all this: the affirmative force that Light brings, the security and peace that exist in its choices, and an elegance in singing that has never before been so pronounced. And such is the desire to be inside this album, within these songs, to be invaded by the warmth of this Light that gives meaning to the days.

If one can hardly explain Cuca Roseta’s success, one can easily understand it, because to hear Cuca Roseta is to live the strongest emotions and traditions of a fado, which, with her, go even further. The success of this entire journey and the voice of Cuca Roseta led her to travel over 40 countries, spread across the four corners of the world, as well as the most prestigious national stages. Cuca Roseta has acted in numerous countries including almost all of Europe, Brazil, India, China, the United States, Israel, Georgia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Morocco, Mozambique, Chile, Ecuador, among many others.

Cuca Roseta is today one of the most prominent singers nationally and internationally, being increasingly an artistic phenomenon and one of the largest and most recognized and performers of Fado.

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The concerts of Cuca Roseta in Bulgaria are produced with the kind support of the Embassy of Portugal in Sofia and the Camões Institute

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