Musicians and travellers SENZA will play in Sofia!

May 19, 2019, Sofia Live Club, 19:30 h.

Musicians and travelers: from a crazy idea on the beaches of southern Cambodia to concerts in New York, Beijing, Goa, Dili, Sao Paulo… now in Sofia! The SENZA is a Portuguese band that in about 2 years has traveled on 5 continents, and has performed more than 80 concerts around the world. Musicians and travelers, compose songs inspired by their travels around the world. See more…

Latin Grammy Winners Live in Sofia!

ARCÁNGEL & New Bulgarian Voices cond. by Georgi Petkov

March 31, 2019, NDK Hall #1

Staged 30 times at the biggest festivals in Spain and two times in Bulgaria, seen by more than 40 000 people, and Latin Grammy® winner for the album of Arcángel “Al este del cante”, the Estruna project returns to Sofia with new repertoire and even stronger emotional charge. Click for more…